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Ricqy Ultra - Ke ce

Ricqy Ultra has been quite active in the music scene last year, dropping tunes like Wake Me , Daga Sama , Zaro and National Crisis . As promised by the workaholic artist, he will be dropping loads of singles this year with Ke Ce being the first among the list in 2023. Ke ce is something different from what Ricqy Ultra is known for. The transformation of this artist from the hardcore side to a loving genius is breathtaking. His simplistic lyrical prowess is finally unleashed in this new song with love ballads narrated in a sultry, rejuvenated fangs of love. Ke ce is a melodic R&B song performed in the native Hausa dialect, expressing his total love, dedication and commitment to the one he so cherishes. A catchy hook with a softcore flow of lovely lyricism in the second verse sums up the narratives of this masterpiece. The song ends with a lovely tune of guitar sounds to bring the song to an abrupt climax. The song was released under his indie label QRY MUSIQ with pr

EventGuide Africa annouces 2022 top 50 events in Ghana

  Event Guide Africa, Africa Event Awards in partnership with Ghana Tourism Authority, Ministry of Tourism Art & Culture, Kaya Tours, Advance Media, and various stakeholders, has recently released its annual list of top 50 Events. The list comprises the most popular, innovative impactful events that took place in Ghana throughout the year 2022.   The objective of the list is to showcase the diverse and dynamic events industry in Ghana and to highlight the organizers of events and their contributions to the country's economy and culture.   In a statement by the CEO of Event Guide Africa, Kelvin Kenneth, he said, "The events industry in Ghana continues to thrive and grow, and we are proud to be at the forefront of promoting and celebrating the best events in the country. This year's list features a wide range of events, from large-scale music festivals to intimate theatre perform hand we are honored to recognize their achievements."   Board Member and Sp

Mr 442 da Ola of Kano na tsare a gidan maza dake kasar Nijar

Hukumomin kasar jamhuriyar Nijar sun ce sun fara bincike kan yadda mawakan nan biyu 'yan Najeriya suka mallaki takardun kasar na bogi da aka kama su da su. Babban mai shigar da kara na kasar ya ce babban laifi ne yin amfani da takardun bogi a jamhuriyar Nijar , ya kara da cewa sun bayar da umarni a gudanar da bincike domin gano hakikanin gaskiya game da lamarin. Ya ci gaba da cewa ''Duk wanda aka samu da laifi za mu tasa keyarsa zuwa gaban kotu, ba za mu yadda wasu su rika amfani da takardun kasarmu ta hanya wadda take ba ta gaskiya ba, kuma nan gaba duk wanda aka kama da irin wannan laifin to ya kuka da kanshi''. To sai dai kungiyoyi masu rajin kare hakkin bil adama sun fara kiraye-kirayen a bincika domin gano yadda aka yi mawakan suka samo takardun zama 'yan kasar, kasancewar sun samo takardun ne a wasu wuraren kafin su zo wajen da za a yi musu fasfo, tare da kiran a yi musu adalci kamar yadda shugaban muryar Talaka na Jamhuriyar Nijar Alhaji Nasir

S Bee - Alkawari

S BEE is a newly signed artist under QRY MUSIQ. The multi-talented artist is not just a vocalist, but so also an Instrumentalist. S BEE for the very first time is releasing this brand new single titled ALKAWARI (PROMISE).  ALKAWARI is a typical Afro-pop song with a distinct touch of Afro-Asiatic vibes typical of the northern touch. A soulful and catchy song which narrates a story of a young man who was heartbroken after his beloved couldn't keep the promise they had. The song was produced by Simple Touch KefaZz and co-produced by SBee himself, under QRY MUSIQ. The song is available on all streaming platforms worldwide for download and streaming. Song Info Artist : S Bee Label : QRY MUSIQ Producer(s) : Simple Touch KefaZz & S Bee Mixed & Mastered : Simple Touch KefaZz Sound Engineer : Simple Touch Personal Assistant : Sarki No1 Lyrics : S Bee Recording Studio : QRY MUSIQ Executive Producer : Ricqy Ultra Publisher : QRY MUSIQ File Size : 5.4 mb Duration : 2 min 59 s

MUSIC: Ricqy Ultra - Attitude

     Ricqy Ultra  is  definitely no resting on his oars as the workaholic rapper has just unleashed another new single titled  ATTITUDE . The brand new single is a typical hip-hop song with the vibe and strong lyrical flows churned from two distinct languages (Hausa &English).  Ricqy Ultra  is simply expressing his views on what it takes to be a real rapper. As for him, you need to have the ATTITUDE and that is all that matters.  Attitude speaks volume as well as your dress code and the way you communicate. ATTITUDE was produced by Simple Touch KefaZz under QRY MUSIQ label.  You can stream the song on  SPOTIFY  and all streaming platforms worldwide.  Kindly find the link below

ST Beatz: EP8 of FL Studio Class

   Simple Touch KefaZz is a seasoned music producer, sound engineer, music coordinator and singer based in Kano city, Nigeria. An indigene of Bauchi state, he is also a keyboardist.  ST BeatZz taken a bold step in delivering special sessions on the use of FruityLoops in music production, but this time in native Hausa Language. He will be delivering this twice a week on his official Youtube channel.  Kindly watch, subscribe and watch the basics on the use of this DAW (FruityLoop) and be a professional right from the comfort of your home. Below is Episode 8 of the session that guides you on how to MAKE HIP-HOP BEATS in Fruity Loops. PART 1   PART 2 You can reach him via his social media accounts on  Facebook:  ST BEATZ z Instagram:  @stbeatz

Selfie Stick - Ninaga Rayuwa

  Budding hip-hop act Selfie Stick is one of the fast rising artists occupying the musicsphere of northern Nigeria. He drops this exciting song titled Ninaga Rayuwa. Ninaga Rayuwa is a Hausa phrase which means "I have seen life". No doubt the song is all about the artist's life struggle.  This time around the artist rendered the song in an Afro-pop way. Get engulfed in his story. You can stream/listen to this song on Audiomack below.