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Ricqy Ultra - Casket Lyrics

  Oh God  don't take my breathe away Give me one chance and wipe my sins away Send down your angels to take me away Can you please take my pains away? Driving 120 on the highway Suddenly I came crashing on the side way I saw a picture of my family My soul was singing some melody Life is so cruel yeah I know that Life is not fair, I'm proud to be black Why is it that everybody's crying? Why is it my soul is just smiling? Why is it I'm just here, I'm just standing? Why is it I'm just here, I'm just blabbing? Why is it I left this world so early? Why is it I loved my family so dearly? Now that I see my body carried in a casket Look at my body all wrapped up in a blanket I'm carrying my pains and my sorrows in a basket My soul is so cold Oh my God i need a jacket Good deeds are not sold in a supermarket You think you can fly to paradise in a rocket Connect my body in my grave with a socket Come and steal my sins away pickpocket He took my pains away He took

Don R - Ba Gudu Ft Nomiis Gee X BOC

  Don R also known by the aka Arewa Finext releases the visuals to this smash single taking over the Arewa Hip-hop scenery titled Ba Gudu. Ba Gudu is a hip-hop song with a resonating feel that will reinvigorate your inner senses. Don R did justice to the hook and verse as well. The song features two heavyweights in the name of Nomiis Gee and B.O.C Madaki. Both artists did justice to their verse lines with energy and synergy. No doubt Ba Gudu will be a street anthem sooner rather than later. The song was by Jimoh Green and chopped by Spotlyt.                            DON R - BA GUDU (FT NOMIIS GEE X B.O.C) DOWNLOAD

Ricqy Ultra - Casket (video)

Add caption RICQY ULTRA just dropped the official video to the song Casket which is enlisted in the album project "Expect The Unexpected". The song Casket is a hybridization of poetry and rap in it's unique form, consummated from the psychic memory of Ricqy Ultra . It tells an eventful story of a soul being in the realm of two separate worlds leading to a dilemmic tragedy. Asking for forgiveness seems to be the only option left after a catastrophic accident that leads to an untimely demise of the soul. The animation concept was conceived nonetheless by upcoming director Habib Alim. Casket was produced by KefaZz Simple Touch.  

Ricqy Ultra - National Crisis

  Ricqy Ultra is a vocal hip-hop artist who sometimes refer to himself as the "rapchiatrist" or "hip-hop therapist" as his a.k.a. With Nigeria celebrating 60 years of her independence anniversary, Ricqy Ultra looks at the country's progress post-independence in this song titled " National Crisis ". National Crisis could be a debatable caption for this song but one has to listen to it critically and analyse every single statement to understand what Ricqy Ultra is talking about. Highlighting the pending issues facing the country, he still stands patriotic to the nation's cause as indicated in the first four lines of the song. It goes.... "I pledge to Nigeria my country/To be faithful, loyal & honest/But I see nobody being honest/Everybody looting our natural resources." National Crisis is open for debate and criticism but the fact remains that Nigeria has a lot of work to do for its citizens, most especially from the government.   

Ricqy Ultra - Corona Virus

  Ricqy Ultra releases an unofficial song about the current pandemic that has taken over the world titled CORONA VIRUS. The song EDUCATES on the need to practice social distancing, use hand sanitizers, eat fruits and vegetables and all necessary precautions to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Listen exclusively here

Bobby Hai - Corona Virus Ft Naza

  Bobby Hai is a well known name in the Northern Music scene. His holistic approach to doing music in a comedic pattern has hitherto separated him from other music artists. His latest collaboration with NAZA yielded this masterpiece titled CORONA VIRUS. The Covid19 pandemic is still sweeping across the continent and a lot of measures has been taken to reduce drastically the continuous spread of the deadly virus . Bobby Hai has made it mandatory to refresh and remind us on the need to keep protecting ourselves from contracting the deadly Corona Virus. NAZA YARON ZAMANI (who is one of the top artists based in Accra, Ghana) did some justice in the song as they both came up tops in this sensitization song. Kindly download, share and keep spreading the face masks and hand sanitizers, not the CORONA VIRUS. DOWNLOAD CORONAVIRUS BY BOBBY HAI FT NAZA VIRUS.

Selfie Stick - Follow Me

  Selfie Stick is an upcoming act who is aspiring to be a sensation in the music game with high hopes. He drops this song titled " Follow Me " which is an Afro-pop song. Kindly download and listen up. DOWNLOAD FOLLOW ME