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Ricqy Ultra - Kece Kadai Video

  Ricqy Ultra has heeded  to the call for the visuals of his well crafted song he dropped recently, Kece. The hardcore rapper took all the time in the world to offer a vivid rendition of the song. The video was directed by Umar Jos. Watch and leave your comments on his Youtube channel about your feelings for this amazing clip. 

Strongman Recruits 2 Producers For His First Single Switch

Renowned rapper and head honcho of Strong Empire, Strongman isn’t giving fans breathing space as he has inserted his maiden project for the year dubbed, Switch. Stream Switch by Strongman here - As the title suggests, everyone’s favorite rapper just went hard on a dope hiplife beat produced by two of Ghana’s finest, FimFim & ATown TSB He encapsulates the experience of an ace lyricist and the flow of a modern day rapper to bring listeners a signature tune that has kept him a fan favourite over the years. If this is how he’s starting off the year, then y’all need to brace up for what’s coming ahead cos he’s coming for your heads with pure sonic soundgasms you’ve never heard before! Clear out your ear wax! Get ready to delve deep into his signature wordplay and hard hitting punchlines as he delivers back to back bars in his native Twi tongue. Get conversant with his latest jam Get interactive with Strongman across all his socials and ensure to

Ricqy Ultra X Young Tza X KefaZz - Suite 157 lyrics

Verse 1 (Young TZA) Dear Lord I need VVS ice in my Audemar Hell yea I'm gon live my life like no tomorrow Balenciaga boots and em Nike socks Pull up in the hood in Versace shorts There's nothing you could do to these 30 glocks Shorty wanna lick my lollipop I got Louis V's like Virgil I'm making lotta gwoup while I'm virtual Would you look the same without this costume I got demons that finna hunt you Chorus (KefaZz) It's so hard to say what I'll say Giving my life early for this game to stay This game is nothing (nothing) Cuz no one cares (oh ooo) You can feel the pain (yeah, yeah) Inside what I'm saying Suite 157 Only, only God can save us Verse 2 (Ricqy Ultra) Walking on the road with my rims Wiping off the dirt from my wheels (Do you dig that) Checking my wallet for some change I've got lyrics that I can spare (Do you dig that) Quantitative reasoning Garnish me like seasoning My hope is kinda sizzling Friends around are mingling Been around t

Ricqy Ultra - Suite 157 ft Young Tza and KefaZz

Suite 157 is just the perfect definition of rap undergoing transformation in this day and age of hip-hop. When Ricqy Ultra teams up with exceptional braniacs to deliver something extraordinary, then it must be worth the hype. Not too often you see a blend of trap and real rap blending in the collaboration world. Topping it up with an R&B touch is something else. Narrating a vivid story about every artist's dream in a song is quite a norm in the industry. Suite 157 is just too unique. Suite 157 features trap-artist Young Tza in the first verse of the song with KefaZz showing how his melodic bars on the hook of the song. Ricqy Ultra finally settles in the final verse of the song with his well crafted lyris in the final phase of the song to cap it all. Suite 157 was produced by Youung Tza and Simple Touch, produced and released under QRY MUSIQ. Kindly click link below to stream, share and download   Download mp3

Screenwriter Stephanie Samuel Ihunweze Joins Kidstantic

Kidstantic has announced the addition of screenwriter and actress Stephanie Samuel Ihunweze to their team. Stephanie who is described as a big addition to the brand will be bringing a lot according to Kidstantic Founder, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike. He said she is a creative with an outstanding mindset to create issue-based and inspiring contents. Stephanie Samuel Ihunweze who has previously worked on a number of movie projects, will be taking the role of Story Manager at Kidstantic, where she will oversee the creation and development of stories at the company.  She graduated from the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Anambra State, Nigeria. She is also a content writer, story telly and life coach who has worked with a number organizations within and outside Nigeria. She wrote the movie ‘Perfect Marriage’ which won the Best Feature Film Award at the Coal City Film Festival in 2021. “Stephanie is bringing in her vast experience and p

Ricqy Ultra - Ke Ce (lyrics)

Verse 1 Ke ce abun alfahari na Kin zamo kece abar yabo na Sarauniya ta, Aminiya ta, Gimbiya ta, Ruhi na, my jaruma ta Baby ni ne zan miki gata Domin ke ce aurar mata Jinin jiki na Abar kauna ta Sarauniya ta Gimbiya ta Saliha ta Chorus  Kece dai a rai na A rai na  A zuciya ta Ba kowa Kece kadai, kece kadai A rai na Abar kauna Babu kamar ki a duniyar nan Kece kadai, kece kadai Verse 2 Baby ki san that I'm feeling you Ko wanne second I'm missing you  Dare da rana, I'm down with you Ina son kin sani I'm in love with you Hold you, touch you, feel me close to you Idan har dai na farka Daga barci zani farka Na gan ki dai kusa da ni Tafiya zan yi tare da ke Duk duniya zan je dake Ko ina fa ai sai da ke Number 1 I love you Na daya ina son ki Je t'aime mon chéri Ki san cewa Chorus  Kece dai a rai na A rai na  A zuciya ta Ba kowa Kece kadai, kece kadai A rai na Abar kauna Babu kamar ki a duniyar nan Kece kadai, kece kadai Download link

Ricqy Ultra - Ke ce

Ricqy Ultra has been quite active in the music scene last year, dropping tunes like Wake Me , Daga Sama , Zaro and National Crisis . As promised by the workaholic artist, he will be dropping loads of singles this year with Ke Ce being the first among the list in 2023. Ke ce is something different from what Ricqy Ultra is known for. The transformation of this artist from the hardcore side to a loving genius is breathtaking. His simplistic lyrical prowess is finally unleashed in this new song with love ballads narrated in a sultry, rejuvenated fangs of love. Ke ce is a melodic R&B song performed in the native Hausa dialect, expressing his total love, dedication and commitment to the one he so cherishes. A catchy hook with a softcore flow of lovely lyricism in the second verse sums up the narratives of this masterpiece. The song ends with a lovely tune of guitar sounds to bring the song to an abrupt climax. The song was released under his indie label QRY MUSIQ with pr

EventGuide Africa annouces 2022 top 50 events in Ghana

  Event Guide Africa, Africa Event Awards in partnership with Ghana Tourism Authority, Ministry of Tourism Art & Culture, Kaya Tours, Advance Media, and various stakeholders, has recently released its annual list of top 50 Events. The list comprises the most popular, innovative impactful events that took place in Ghana throughout the year 2022.   The objective of the list is to showcase the diverse and dynamic events industry in Ghana and to highlight the organizers of events and their contributions to the country's economy and culture.   In a statement by the CEO of Event Guide Africa, Kelvin Kenneth, he said, "The events industry in Ghana continues to thrive and grow, and we are proud to be at the forefront of promoting and celebrating the best events in the country. This year's list features a wide range of events, from large-scale music festivals to intimate theatre perform hand we are honored to recognize their achievements."   Board Member and Sp