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Mega C - Purchase

MEGA C whose real name is Chibuike Anyasor hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, precisely Imo State. MEGA C had been passionate about music as a kid while in high school, he would save up money to purchase beats online and would record himself on his laptop. He decided to hit the studio after high school showcasing his song writing skill and knowing how to sink his melodies in any beats. This so far has proven MEGA C untapped creativity as he found home in it. Mega C spurs a rare style of music with his ingenious combination of Afrobeat and Reggae-like flow in a calm but deeply rooted fashion showing real class and originality. Mega is a smooth singer with a bag of melodies, definitely out to make an impact in the music scene. Mega rides a mid tempo Afrobeat Sound that creates the perfect mood for fun and relaxation with “Purchase” where he paints a scene about a girl in lust with the fast and luxurious life but he is gassed and ready to spend it all on her.

Ricqy Ultra X Bmeri Aboki - Be Like Me (Video)

  Two northern hip-hop heavyweights and distant brothers Ricqy Ultra and Bmeri Aboki collaborated in this sizzling visuals to the song Be Like Me. The video was shot on location at Lagos state, Nigeria. It was directed by Happy Boi and produced by Simple Touch KefaZz. Be Like Me was one of the songs dropped by Ricqy Ultra from the album Expected the Unexpected . This time around, the duo decided to shoot a video for the song based on popular demand. A hip-hop song that tells a story about the gradual fame and success both artists are enjoying and how the street see them as role models, they don't mind if you really want to be like them to achieve greater success. Watch the clip below      

Wallaze Tha Jtown Kidd - Best Rapper In Jos EP

  WALLAZE THA JTOWN KIDD is an underground hip-hop rapper who has been representing Jos to the fullest. His passion for the rap game is second to none. He speaks of societal ills and other topical issues that is faced in his hoe town, Jos. He drops this EP titled BEST RAPPER IN JOS. BEST RAPPER IN JOS is a 7-track EP project with the project carefully grilled by Levee Quinne. You can stream this project exclusively on Audiomack and make your purchase via the link below. The title tells you how much faith he has in himself. It is finally left for you to decide if he is indeed the heir to the throne of hip-hop in JTown. STREAM THE EP BELOW

ST Beatz: EP7 of FL Studio Class

  Simple Touch KefaZz is a seasoned music producer, sound engineer, music coordinator and singer based in Kano city, Nigeria. An indigene of Bauchi state, he is also a keyboardist.  ST BeatZz taken a bold step in delivering special sessions on the use of FruityLoops in music production, but this time in native Hausa Language. He will be delivering this twice a week on his official Youtube channel.  Kindly watch, subscribe and watch the basics on the use of this DAW (FruityLoop) and be a professional right from the comfort of your home. Below is Episode 7 of the session that guides you on how to use MIXER CHANNEL in Fruity Loops. PART 1   PART 2 PART 3 You can reach him via his social media accounts on  Facebook:  ST BEATZ z Instagram:  @stbeatz

Ricqy Ultra - Daga Sama Lyrics

  Intro Yeah Money Over Famous You know what to do Hit it back now Guess who we have here Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2 Mahakurci Mawadaci VERSE 1 Turn the mic on For the icon Blare the horns I'll wrap you like a python I'm here to siphon you Better ride on Time to shun these xiggers now, move on I'm on my element I'm going viral Stepping to the music scene now with an apron Time to cook tasty meals for my  matron About to be a big brother winner like Laycon E don tey wey I dey spit viper I go wipe away your sorrow wiper Gather here if you wan discuss my matter Breeze go blow, your enemies go scatter I dey make dem shake their heads exciter If you knock my door, wait till I say enta To fight lion, you need to be a fighter If your light off, oya make u find lighter PRE CHORUS Wai shiru suke taji babu sauti Ga mu nan zuwa muke da sabon sauti Tambaya ake ina muke ta samun baiti Hiphop is back Hiphop is back Wai shiru suke taji babu sauti Ga mu nan zuwa muke da sabon sauti Tambaya a

Ricqy Ultra - Daga Sama

  Dropping his first single for the year after his recent EP Money Over Famous, Ricqy Ultra is out with this tune titled DAGA SAMA. Daga Sama is a thorough hip-hop song with strong lyricism. The song means FROM ABOVE when translated from the native Hausa dialect to English. Ricqy Ultra in this song is expressing how people keep wondering where his lyrical prowess comes from, how he manages to keep up with the demands of rap music and the the sudden demise of real hip-hop songs. DAGA SAMA was produced by Qupic Lab while Simple Touch KefaZz is the man behind the mixing and mastering of the project. The song was carefully executed at QRY MUSIQ. Visit the download button below to stream or download the song.