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Ricqy Ultra - Casket Lyrics

  Oh God  don't take my breathe away Give me one chance and wipe my sins away Send down your angels to take me away Can you please take my pains away? Driving 120 on the highway Suddenly I came crashing on the side way I saw a picture of my family My soul was singing some melody Life is so cruel yeah I know that Life is not fair, I'm proud to be black Why is it that everybody's crying? Why is it my soul is just smiling? Why is it I'm just here, I'm just standing? Why is it I'm just here, I'm just blabbing? Why is it I left this world so early? Why is it I loved my family so dearly? Now that I see my body carried in a casket Look at my body all wrapped up in a blanket I'm carrying my pains and my sorrows in a basket My soul is so cold Oh my God i need a jacket Good deeds are not sold in a supermarket You think you can fly to paradise in a rocket Connect my body in my grave with a socket Come and steal my sins away pickpocket He took my pains away He took

Don R - Ba Gudu Ft Nomiis Gee X BOC

  Don R also known by the aka Arewa Finext releases the visuals to this smash single taking over the Arewa Hip-hop scenery titled Ba Gudu. Ba Gudu is a hip-hop song with a resonating feel that will reinvigorate your inner senses. Don R did justice to the hook and verse as well. The song features two heavyweights in the name of Nomiis Gee and B.O.C Madaki. Both artists did justice to their verse lines with energy and synergy. No doubt Ba Gudu will be a street anthem sooner rather than later. The song was by Jimoh Green and chopped by Spotlyt.                            DON R - BA GUDU (FT NOMIIS GEE X B.O.C) DOWNLOAD