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Sadiq Astone - Zubar

  Sadiq Astone is an exceptional talent who has mastered the art of entertaining his audience, most especially the female folks. Zubar is one exceptional song that will liven up any groove, most especially if it has to do with weddings. Zubar is an Afrocentric song laced with the local kalangu (drums) to spice up and ginger your system. it is a song that speaks with a rich rhythm, carefully spiced up melody and most importantly, entertaining.  The song in it's totality speaks on how weddings are graced by the elite and the flamboyancy of showering their loved ones with gifts which mostly comes in form of cash. Zubar can be translated to mean "shower" or "spray". kindly find the link to the song below. To add more sauce to the mix, Sadiq Astone has placed a competition tagged "Zubar Dance Challenge" where the winner goes away with 50grand NGN cash price. The 1st runner up goes home with 30,000 NGN while the 2nd runner up goes away with 20,00

Nomiis Gee, Ricqy Ultra, Bmeri Aboki, Kamar Tachio, Others bag City People Music Award

  Nomiis Gee receiving his award at the City People Music Award held in Lagos State  The City People Music Award which was held at Lagos on the 6th day of December was quite explosive and welcoming. It heralded a brand new dawn in the phase of music in this post-covid pandemic. It also means a lot most especially to the northern artists who are working tirelessly to push their craft to the southern part of the country. No doubt their craftmanship was well recognized by the organizers as the call for northern artists to be celebrated and recognized in this year's edition of City People Music Award 2020. It has been a long time coming and slowly but steadily, our northern artists will get the atttention they so much deserve as long as they put in more workload, time and effort to their craftmanship. Among the artists from the northern realm who graced the floor for being recipients include the Hausa hip-hop ambassador who has put so much effort in projecting artists globally to every

Nomiis Gee X Ricqy Ultra - Anzo Wurin

The song ANZO WURIN is the second single off the joint album kindly put together by Ricqy Ultra and Nomiis Gee . This is followed after the previously released single KUNA INA which threw the hip-hop community into frenzy showing what the two geniuses can bring to the table when it comes to good music. ANZO WURIN is an afro-pop song that is so calm and refreshing. The melodic sax played on the song will definitely get your nerves aching to vibe. Ricqy Ultra starts of the song with the lines "DJ don land now gbedu go flow/ even the VIP don dey overflow/ na only pesin wey get class go know say big man [get] big levels/ the levels go change when the money begin show". The song from the very start will get all DJ's on deck to start slamming. Nomiis Gee on the other hand delivers a catching hook with the words "Kun ce kuna son kidan rawa? Kun samu. Kun ce fa a baku na casu? An baku....Mr DJ.......ANZO WURIN". It literally spells that for those who want

Ricqy Ultra - Casket Lyrics

  Oh God  don't take my breathe away Give me one chance and wipe my sins away Send down your angels to take me away Can you please take my pains away? Driving 120 on the highway Suddenly I came crashing on the side way I saw a picture of my family My soul was singing some melody Life is so cruel yeah I know that Life is not fair, I'm proud to be black Why is it that everybody's crying? Why is it my soul is just smiling? Why is it I'm just here, I'm just standing? Why is it I'm just here, I'm just blabbing? Why is it I left this world so early? Why is it I loved my family so dearly? Now that I see my body carried in a casket Look at my body all wrapped up in a blanket I'm carrying my pains and my sorrows in a basket My soul is so cold Oh my God i need a jacket Good deeds are not sold in a supermarket You think you can fly to paradise in a rocket Connect my body in my grave with a socket Come and steal my sins away pickpocket He took my pains away He took

Don R - Ba Gudu Ft Nomiis Gee X BOC

  Don R also known by the aka Arewa Finext releases the visuals to this smash single taking over the Arewa Hip-hop scenery titled Ba Gudu. Ba Gudu is a hip-hop song with a resonating feel that will reinvigorate your inner senses. Don R did justice to the hook and verse as well. The song features two heavyweights in the name of Nomiis Gee and B.O.C Madaki. Both artists did justice to their verse lines with energy and synergy. No doubt Ba Gudu will be a street anthem sooner rather than later. The song was by Jimoh Green and chopped by Spotlyt.                            DON R - BA GUDU (FT NOMIIS GEE X B.O.C) DOWNLOAD

Ricqy Ultra - Casket (video)

Add caption RICQY ULTRA just dropped the official video to the song Casket which is enlisted in the album project "Expect The Unexpected". The song Casket is a hybridization of poetry and rap in it's unique form, consummated from the psychic memory of Ricqy Ultra . It tells an eventful story of a soul being in the realm of two separate worlds leading to a dilemmic tragedy. Asking for forgiveness seems to be the only option left after a catastrophic accident that leads to an untimely demise of the soul. The animation concept was conceived nonetheless by upcoming director Habib Alim. Casket was produced by KefaZz Simple Touch.  

Ricqy Ultra - National Crisis

  Ricqy Ultra is a vocal hip-hop artist who sometimes refer to himself as the "rapchiatrist" or "hip-hop therapist" as his a.k.a. With Nigeria celebrating 60 years of her independence anniversary, Ricqy Ultra looks at the country's progress post-independence in this song titled " National Crisis ". National Crisis could be a debatable caption for this song but one has to listen to it critically and analyse every single statement to understand what Ricqy Ultra is talking about. Highlighting the pending issues facing the country, he still stands patriotic to the nation's cause as indicated in the first four lines of the song. It goes.... "I pledge to Nigeria my country/To be faithful, loyal & honest/But I see nobody being honest/Everybody looting our natural resources." National Crisis is open for debate and criticism but the fact remains that Nigeria has a lot of work to do for its citizens, most especially from the government.   

Ricqy Ultra - Corona Virus

  Ricqy Ultra releases an unofficial song about the current pandemic that has taken over the world titled CORONA VIRUS. The song EDUCATES on the need to practice social distancing, use hand sanitizers, eat fruits and vegetables and all necessary precautions to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Listen exclusively here

Bobby Hai - Corona Virus Ft Naza

  Bobby Hai is a well known name in the Northern Music scene. His holistic approach to doing music in a comedic pattern has hitherto separated him from other music artists. His latest collaboration with NAZA yielded this masterpiece titled CORONA VIRUS. The Covid19 pandemic is still sweeping across the continent and a lot of measures has been taken to reduce drastically the continuous spread of the deadly virus . Bobby Hai has made it mandatory to refresh and remind us on the need to keep protecting ourselves from contracting the deadly Corona Virus. NAZA YARON ZAMANI (who is one of the top artists based in Accra, Ghana) did some justice in the song as they both came up tops in this sensitization song. Kindly download, share and keep spreading the face masks and hand sanitizers, not the CORONA VIRUS. DOWNLOAD CORONAVIRUS BY BOBBY HAI FT NAZA VIRUS.

Selfie Stick - Follow Me

  Selfie Stick is an upcoming act who is aspiring to be a sensation in the music game with high hopes. He drops this song titled " Follow Me " which is an Afro-pop song. Kindly download and listen up. DOWNLOAD FOLLOW ME

Ricqy Ultra - Expect The Unexpected Album

Ricqy Ultra has announced the immediate release of his first sophomore album, Expect The Unexpected. The record is a follow-up to his 2019 Ep titled FEAR . There are loads of unique sounds embedded in this project that will entice fans to listen to it over and over again. Ricqy Ultra recorded most of Expect The Unexpected record in his studio QRY MUSIQ based in Kano, Nigeria with sound engineer Simple Touch KefaZz.. There are other works been produced by Lt. Jon, NexceZz Beatz, A-styl and J Dot. Although the project was never intended to be dropped, it was motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Expect The Unexpected is composed of 25 tracks which  trascends from the poetic side of Ricqy Ultra in songs like Black Heritage and Casket, to conscious melodic hip-hop tunes in songs like Hard work pays, Be Like Me and bumpy hip-hop songs that include Nagari, Me Duniya, Oh Baba, Na God, Play To The Gallery among others. Ricqy Ultra has experimented different rap styles in his 19 years of debutin


Ricqy Ultra drops this exciting melodic hip-hop song off his recent album Expect The Unexpected titled Hard work pays . Hard work pays is a conscious song that tells a touching story about the birth and rebirth of Ricqy  Ultra . With a heartwarming melodic flute played right from the intro of the music, he narrates a poetic lyric that carries your mind in different phases to his present state. The hip-hop/afro-centric dimensions of the song shows a two-sided story blended with a bi-lingual flow of English and Hausa languages all tuned to produce a mixed variation. Along the line, Ricqy Ultra dropped a rap verse to call on youths to stop eating from the crumbles that falls from the tables of their masters and rise to be their own masters. They have to embrace who they are and stop being lazy. Hard work pays can be streamed here or downloaded below. 

Morien - Dangerous

Etins Records signee, MORIEN is out with a brand new single titled “Dangerous”. This song which is his first single for 2020, is a fusion of the catchy Nigerian and Ghanian Afrobeats vibe. “Mr Harmony” as also referred to is known for dishing out great music and “Dangerous” is definitely not an exception. The song was produced by Playlist. DOWNLOAD Follow on Social Media: Instagram: @Moriensounds_ Twitter: @Moriensounds

Joyner Lucas X I Prevail- Dead On Arrival

I Prevail just dropped an updated version of the Trauma track “DOA” featuring rap phenom Joyner Lucas . The Detroit rock unit started teasing the new video last week. The “DOA” video is incredibly powerful depicting drug abuse, homelessness, violence, death and a myriad of other issues plaguing the nation. The video includes a moving statement: “We can choose to flourish or die, But whatever we choose, We will do it together.” Now, over a year since the release of Trauma, I Prevail have shared a stirring new video for “DOA.” They began teasing it almost a week ago with a blurred out image showing who was to feature. A few teasers later, including one showing some behind the scenes photos and we’ve arrived. I Prevail dropped the video today (May 28). The updated “DOA” features a new verse contributed by Joyner Lucas.   “DOA” Lyrics On our knees we pray As we waste away And we dig our grave Dead on arrival I close my eyes and contemplate on why I chose to be great I find myself


Lagos-born Hausa hiphop star Bmeri Aboki has undoubtedly paid his dues in the game. But what better way to expeess himself than to drop this amazing jam titled “ Jini “. Jini literally means “blood” but in this case, he refers to it metaphorically as “money”. The survival instinct of everybody has turned to money which is indeed the new fuel. While mentioning prominent names of people who are known for their wealth, the Agege born rapper narrates how important money is to everyone considering the situation we have found ourselves in. Recently, he collaborated with Ricqy Ultra on the track Be Like Me which was released earlier befor now. This upbeat, afro-pop beat will make you bump and grind as you carefully dance to the melodic style of this song titled Jini. The song was produced by DannyBeePro. Kindly download and listen to Jini by Bmeri Aboki.

Don R C-19 Beat Challenge

Don R also known by the pseudonym Arewa's Finext has been behind closed doors during the quarantine period. This gave him the ample time to discover his production skills and cooked this dope beat. All you need do is record a minute verse on this beat, post in on Instagram and tag him (@arewafinext) with the hash tag #c19beatchallenge. The winner of this challenge will have a collaboration with the artist on a new joint alongside a video shoot.

Golden Brickz - Arewa Steez (Demo)

GOLDEN BRICKZ are a decent group artists representing Brickzhouse. They officially dropped their first single titled Arewa Steez (DEMO). Kindly stream on Audiomack to listen to this tune below.

Musicians get 50 million Naira corona virus relief from COSON

Starting from Tuesday evening, thousands of musicians across the country would receive bank alerts as Anti-Corona Emergency Relief Distribution from COSON, Nigeria’s biggest and most respected copyright collective management organization. The distribution is in reaction to the hardship and distress being faced by many musicians in Nigeria who have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the current lockdown which has also stopped entertainment activities across the country. For the distribution, the COSON Board has approved the sum of 50 Million Naira to be shared amongst about 4,500 members on the society’s register as at May 19, 2019. In the midst of the current crisis and following several S.O.S. messages from COSON members facing deep hardship all over the nation, the COSON Board over the weekend, met online in an emergency session and after vigorous discussions, approved the distribution. Speaking on the development, COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji said,

Nomiis Gee - Ya Rasulallah

From the stables of KaiKauce Class, the self-acclaimed hausa Hip-hop Ambassador Nomiis Gee goes a bit off his conventional art form by venturing into a different genre that takes him to another spiritual realm with this song titled " Ya Rasulallah ". Ya Rasulallah which literally means "Messenger of Allah" is another name referred to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Nomiis Gee in a more calmer voice voices his lyrics with special praises for the prophet based on his physical attributes to the extent the artist wishes to see him appear in his dream. The video which was shot by Kaikauce Class shows the diverse scenery of the holy lands of Mecca and Madina. With a lot of historical artifacts, the beautiful landscape and other important features, Nomiis Gee understands the importance of declaring his affection for Ya Rasulallah and the visuals says it all. With cameo appearance from some notable superstars in the music and movie industry and other works of li

Ricqy Ultra X Bmeri Aboki - Be Like Me

Ricqy Ultra and Bmeri Aboki are two heavyweights in the hausa hip-hop landscape. With both artists having a deep passion for the survival of the game, they drop this timely single titled " BE LIKE ME "  which tells a story about the humbleness of these dope emcees in the music terrain. These emcees have endured a torrid time in the game and they now tell a story that will inspire most upcoming artists to keep their dreams alive. " Be Like Me " is a hip-hop song that will resonate your mind and make you ask questions that are well beyond your cognitive imagination. According to Ricqy Ultra , a lot of upcoming artists always see us as role models and many of them find the game tough to come by. As they are trying to be like us, we on the other hand are working tirelessly to improve on our artistry and see how we push the music industry to the next level (especially in the north). As a matter of fact, patience and perseverance are two ingredients upcomi

WiseBrain - My Medicine

Igbo indigenous rapper, WiseBrain comes through with a brand new love song titled " My Medicine ". My Medicine produced by Liquid Mix serves as his second release for the year in review, a follow up to Jombolo. The self-acclaimed king of banger ( Eze-banger ) has promised to drop more hits this year and advises his fans to stay tuned.

Ricqy Ultra - Wetin Be Dis

Off his first studio EP titled F.E.A.R, Ricqy Ultra drops this song titled Wetin Be Dis. The song is a typical Afro-pop fusion with the artist taking an entire different step from his conventional rap skills and switching to the Afro rendition. Wetin Be Dis  is a pigin slang which translates to "What Is This?" From the verse lines which reads " Shei..wetin you carry for back no be curse?/ every bad man wan like to touch/ all the guys wan like to have your number/ dem don stand for road begin surrender/ even the old men don dey for younger/ your smile alone just dey strike dem like thunder .....listen to the whole song to get the real picture. The song was produced by Simple Touch KefaZz and released under Ricqy Ultra 's independent label QRY MUSIQ. 

Ricqy Ultra - Tsoro duet with Ibrahim Kast

TSORO   is a song off the EP project from Ricqy Ultra titled F.E.A.R from his indie label QRY MUSIQ. The song features the legendary producer and singer Ibrahim Kast. The song tells a story as-similar to all upcoming artists. It is a song that is intended to encourage youths to pursue their dreams and show no sign of fear.  "Their are a lot of obstacles out there but the greatest obstacles are mostly the people more closer to you. They could either discourage you in pursuing your dream or encourage you in achieving it" Ricqy Ultra said. The song no doubt is a wake up call for each and every one out there to stand up and face their greatest fear and conquer it once and for all.  The song is a hip-hop song fine-tuned from the 90's hip-hop feel and carefully delivered by ace producer Ibrahim Kast, with the song mixed and mastered by Simple Touch KefaZz. The project was released under QRY MUSIQ imprint.

Nomiis Gee - Fatima featuring Morell (VIDEO)

Hausa Hip-hop Ambassador Nomiis Gee finally drops the visuals to the much anticipated single titled "FATIMA". The song which is specially dedicated to those bearing the name, most especially to his beloved wifey, entails details of the true African woman. The song Fatima is a bumpy hip-hop song with Afrocentric feelings that can be felt with the presence of the flute been played in the song. Nomiis Gee carefully expresses the feelings he has for his wife Fatima and the caring nature of his so-called video vixen in the video. Kindly watch the video below

Native World Entertainment launches in Africa

Native World Entertainment a Ghanaian 360 entertainment record label has launched in Africa. The 360 Entertainment outfit is a record label formed with the mindset that we are all natives of the world and music unites us irrespective of colour, race or creed. It currently has a crop of young talented musicians mainly from West Africa travelling around the world making good music. Native World Media has representations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. According the owners of the label they are looking to help take artiste discovery and management to the next level. “The main focus of our business is new artist recruitment, development and marketing. We intend to work with acts from all over the world irrespective of languages and other cultural barriers. ” In coming days the label is set to announce the first artiste on the label with his debut single on the label.

Dr Pure - Unexplainable

Dr Pure has finally released his first single for the year 2020 titled UNEXPLAINABLE. This is a single off his much anticipated mixtape project titled DAN CIKIN GARI . The song is a hip-hop song which reflects on the unexplainable things occurring in the life of the artist as he narrates it. Find a chair, sit back, lay back and listen attentively. After dropping previous singles last year which won him an award at the just concluded WAMMA Awards, the OG is poised to make a huge difference this coming year.

Kofi Mole - Yabre featuring Fameye

VGMA 2020-nominee and NGA frontman Kofi mole has released a new song ti tled “Yabre” as the banger features highlife singer Fameye. Produced by his NGA in house producer Kobby Jsy known for producing his monster hit single “Don’t be late”, the song according to the Vodafone Ghana Music Award 2020 possible Hip pop song of the year winner is to encourage the youth to embrace their hustle and make the best out of it. The song according to management is of the numerous bangers that the 3 Music awards next rated winner will be releasing this year. In the brief time that he has practiced music professionally, he has mounted high profile stage s and collaborated with sought-after collegues including Sarkodie, B4bonah, Dope Nation, Ouamina MP, Medikal, Shaker. And Kwesi Arthur. He is due to publish Mr Amoah, another body of work in coming months. Hailing from Kumasi in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, Mole is alumnus of the Armed Forces Senior High Technical School for his secondar

Ghana Event Awards 2020 Nomination Officially Opened

GHANA EVENT AWARDS 2020 NOMINATIONS OFFICIALLY OPENED WITH MORE INTERESTING CATEGORIES Ghana’s prestigious and biggest event awards scheme dubbed Ghana Event Awards is set to open nominations for this year’s edition. This is the 4th year running and it promises nothing but unique and bigger than previous editions. 2020 Eventguide Africa has partnered with Rythmzs Africa for better production. Its been our objective to bring sponsors close to event organizer and also showcase the logistics of event suppliers have.  The scheme which is aimed at rewarding event excellence has awarded and recognized the scintillating works of event organizers over the years and this year and to support projects of event organisers as usual will also feature the highly sought after Ghana’s top 100 event. This years awards powered by EVENTGUIDE AFRICA and RYTHMZS AFRICA, nominations for the 2020 editionl officially be opened today Friday, February 28, 2020 with interesting additional cat

See you in court, Maryam Booth to Deezell

Maryam Booth has finally taken the case of the leakage of a nude video of her to court. This was made known by the Kannywood actress after she released some documents she filed in court on her social media handle. Maryam Booth revealed that "After due consultations with my lawyers, I have finally taken the matter to court. My reputation has been tarnished beyond repair but this unfortunate incident and I hope and pray that I get my day in court. I will update all of you my fans and supporters as events unfold. i thank you immensely for your support and prayers during this trying times. God bless you all", she wrote. Her counsels prepared a document with the caption "Blackmail, criminal defamation, extortion and threat to life against Miss Maryam Booth by Ibrahim Ahmed Rufai". If you could recall, Maryam Booth narrated on her social media how Ibrahim Ahmed Rufai popularly known as Deezell has been blackmailing her of the unreleased