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Shahararan mawakin kasar Amurka Rick Ross ya samu karuwa a yayin da budurwar sa ta haifi da namiji. Wannan shine dan sa na biyu da Brianna Camille. Amma abun mamakin shine sunan da ya baiwa dan sa, Billion. Cikakken sunan dan nasa shine Billion Leonard Roberts. Haka Rick Ross ya sanar a shafin sa na Twitter.

“Ku taya ni farin cikin zuwan da na Billion Leonard Robert duniya” a cewar Rick Ross.

Mahaifin ya nan yana ta shirye-shirye don ganin cewa dan nasa ya samu duk abun da yake bukata na walwala a duniya. Rahotani yayi nuni da cewa Rick Ross ya biya bashin da hukumar IRS ke bin sa na dalla miliyan daya, cikin  bashin dalla miliyan shida wanda suke bin sa.

Wannan zabin sunan bai yi wa wasu dadi ko kadan ba, musamman a dandalin Twitter. Wasu sun mayar da martini ganin cewa ya Rick Ross zai bai wa dansa sunan da ke da alaka da kudi?
Kowa dai da kiwon da ya karbe shi. Masu salon Magana sun ce abincin wani guban wani.


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