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LIL AMIR STILL LEAVES ON AS HE DROPS THIS YET TO BE RELEASED SINGLE TITLED " SO FLY ". This song is so dope that you will love to listen to it over and over and over and over again.  Download below. So Fly mp3 download

HANNY BILLY O - BYE BYE (Tribute to Lil Amir)

HANNY BILLY O is the son to the legendary BILLY O and a friend to the late Lil Amir. Hanny Billy O drops his tribute song to the late Hausa hip-hop rapper. In this song  titled BYE BYE , the young upcoming rapper (who is gearing up to take over from the late rap artist) recounts the last moment they both had during a live interview session. Download and listen to this wonderful tribute song. Download

Eddy Kool & Mighty Swag - Goodbye

Eddy Kool and Mighty Swag Republic team up to drop this song that is a special tribute to the late Hausa hip-hop rapper, Lil Ameer who recently passed away. Download and listen to this song that tells the last episode of both artists as they received the shocking death of this talented youngster before he passed away. Download

News: Popular Rapper Ricqy Ultra Grabs An Award

Hausa hip-hop rapper, Ricqy Ultra was awarded on the 25th of September as the G-Starz Heroes Awardee for his immense contribution towards the growth of hip-hop in Nigeria.  The award was presented to the artist shortly after his performance with uprising artist, GMA at Kano state, Nigeria. The event took place at Lamido Crescent, Nasarawa GRA and was graced by many Hausa hip-hop artists which include Dr Pure, Vibez Nation, NexceZz Beatz, K-Arrowz, Sonicman, Ahmad Ifan among others. While been presented with the award in front of thousands of hip-hop supporters, the artist gracefully thanked the award presenters for recognising his goodwork and he pledged to do more to see the growth of music among the society and as a tool to curb violence, drug abuse and other negative vices. Ricqy Ultra recently dropped a single titled NEVER SAY GOODBYE which is a tribute to late LIL AMIR. At the road-show, Ricqy Ultra called for a minute of prayer to be observed for the departed soul of th

LYRICS: Ricqy Ultra - Never Say Goodbye

LYRICS: NEVER SAY GOODBYE Poetry Intro Stacking my sins on a shadow Invincible charity piercing my soul A swift gift cursing my nerves My mental state in a dire coma What a blissful ignorance! I was caught napping Not knowing that time was passing I gathered my strenght blabbing But my age kept flapping My wretched bones limping Wedging my weight while whimping Snoring without sleeping Now I'm dead as a dodo I await the day the ground will swallow our pride The day we will all feel like a new bride Our joy will be override As our journey takes a new stride, Our souls bestride to a new resting place. A place so rich... The Graveyard Of Dreams. QRY MUSIQ HOOK This could be the first time This could be the last time Don't know the day I'm gonna rap with you again Someday I hope to hug you again Never say goodbye This could be the first time This could be the last time Don't know the day I'm gonna rap with you again Don't know t

Ricqy Ultra - Never Say Goodbye

Ricqy Ultra drops this soothing song titled NEVER SAY GOODBYE as a tribute to the late Arewa youngest hausa hip-hop rapper, Ameer Hassan a.k.a Lil Amir who passed away recently. The song  " Never Say Goodbye " is a unique breed with a poetic angle to the lyrical ability of Ricqy Ultra . He did some poetic justice in the introduction of the song which when asked by our close source, he titled the poem "Graveyard of Dreams". Nonetheless, the hook of the song says it all. With his unique ability to fine-tune the Hausa/English language in his own type of music,  Ricqy Ultra  voiced out his heart in this touching, melodic tune. With the first stanza being a rap verse,  Ricqy Ultra  for the first time blended his rap-singing ability in the second stanza. Download  Never Say Goodbye   and listen straight up to this song. Never Say Goodbye mp3 Connect with Ricqy Ultra's via the infos below: Website: Instagram:  @ricqyultra Twitter:


LIL AMIR DROPS THIS NEW VIDEO BEFORE HIS UNTIMELY DEATH TITLED "DANCE FOR ME". The video was directed by MSK. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. Dance For Me Video Download Also download Ricqy Ultra's tribute song to the Late Lil Ameer here


BOC MADAKI drops this new song titled YARINYA TA which features ace producer CMAN and R&B sensation, STESH . The trios collaborated to bring out an entirely new song that is dedicated to the women folks. YARINYA TA (which means MY GIRL or MY BABY) is an emotional song and you only need to download and listen straight up to get the message laid out in this music. Download

Veezy DKing - Gaya Musu

After dropping the lead single GWANI to his debut mixtape to be titled HASKE CIKIN DUHU , Veezy DKing follows it up with another dope banger titled GAYA MUSU . GAYA MUSU which means TELL THEM is a song that the artist is trying to voice out his heart. The lyrical contents of the song contains rich metaphors, punchlines, wordplays and definately the tussle for fame and respect among his peers. The song  GAYA MUSU  was spat in 100% Hausa Language. Take note, you might need a translator when listening to this song. You may recommend this song to those who look down on you and be rest assured that your message will be passed without delay. Download this song  GAYA MUSU   from his upcoming Mixtape titled HASKE CIKIN DUHU. Gaya Musu mp3 Download Connect with Veezy D King on Facebook: VeezyDKing DanBaiwa Instagram: @VeezyDKing Twitter: @VeezyDKing  

Lil Yuskid - Aisha Cover

Lil Yuskid is the new kid on the block who dropped this cover from Dija's popular song Aisha .  The kid really did well in delivering a sweet song with this cover.  He goes by the a.k.a ABBK a.k.a Arewa Talents Youth (ATY Record Label). Another member of the crew Young Adee was the recent signee to the official label. The song was produced by MegaMixx. Download and share to show your love and support to this upcoming dude. Lil Yuskid - Aisha mp3 Download Connect with Lil Yuskid via IG - Official Lil Yuskid Twitter -  Lil Yuskid

Dr Pure - Missing You [Lil Amir Tribute]

Dr Pure drops this tribute song to mourn the recent passing away of the infamous Hausa Hiphop rapper and the youngest/fast rising star Lil Ameer, whose days were cut short by the cold hands of death. He titles the song Missing You as the song contains excerpts from the Rahma Radio Presenters last interview with Lil Ameer  on his show Vibe Zone on Rahma Radio 97.3FM. Download the song below. Missing You Lil Amir Tribute Download The song was produced by DJ Blandon. Also download Ricqy Ultra's tribute song to Lil Ameer here


Veezy D King is Back and this time, he is doing it on a lyrical level. After a brief hiatus from the underground rapworld, he resurfaced with a much doper and richer content titled GWANI . The song GWANI (which means WINNER) is his first single in the year 2017. Though it seems late but it is lyrically ripe and ready for all to pluck and listen. GWANI  is a song which you can relate at any time, most especially if you are looking for some dope underground rap that will keep you inspired.  The punchlines thrown on this song will not hurt you but it shows the level Veezy D King is willing to show that when it comes to underground hip-hop in the Arewa music sphere, Veezy DKing has all it takes to be the undisputed rapper in that realm. GWANI  is the lead single to his yet to be released mixtape to be titled HASKE CIKIN DUHU . Keep your fingers crossed and expect anything dope from this dope emcee. You think you're in/ Toh ga gwani/ Ni**as you're nothing/ You saw ai


Kano City's and Arewa's youngest rapper, Lil Ameer [Ameer Hassan] is dead. The youngster died after a car accident. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after the fatal accident but later died. Before his untimely death, he released the visuals to his song BOSS which is trending on most TV stations. He was buried on Friday 15th September, 2017 in the morning according to Islamic injunctions at Tarauni Burial Ground, Farm Centre, Tarauni LGA of Kano State.. We all here at Hausa Hiphop and the entire hip-hop world are saying, may your gentle soul rest in peace, Amin. Download the tribute song by Ricqy Ultra to late Lil Amir here

Beezy Ban - Bani Mic

Beezy Ban is a fast rising artist who is creating a new gene in the fast rising Hausa hip-hop genre in Arewa. A member of the Vibez Nation Crew, Beezy Ban drops this dope single titled "Bani Mic". This literally means "Give Me The Mic" and he never hesitates when handed over the mic. Dropping this song is also a dope video attached to it. The concept of the vide is one that represents the real hip-hop tradition. With the visuals showing a typical underground setting,Bani Mic will be a stand-out track in the hip-hop playlist of those that love and listen to real underground rappers. Download Beezy Ban's Bani Mic which was directed by I-Jahman-R. Beezy Ban Bani Mic mp3

Hanny Billy O - Na Tuba

Hanny Billy O is the next kid on the block. He is one of the fastest rising kid trending in the Hausa hip-hop world and guess what, he is the son to the legendary Hausa hip-hop/OAP, Bello Ibrahim a.k.a Billy O. Like the old saying, "like father, like son", Hanny Billy O is bound to take over the seat of his father. He drops this new and maiden single titled " Na Tuba " which means "I've repented". The song carries a unique storyline about how his mum sent him to grind some corn and on his way back from the errand, his peers pushed him and he fell, breaking the calabash which contained the grounded cereal. Listen to the complete tale by downloading Hanny Billy O's single titled Na Tuba . Na Tuba mp3

Ricqy Ultra - Move On Lyrics

Intro QRY MUSIQ SO IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON Time to let it go Time to let it go Time to let it go So it's time to move on Verse #1 Time lokaci wai shi ake ta nema On the streets hussling wai me muke ta nema Haram ko halal wai shi ake ta nema Abun da muke nema shin za ta kai mu Al-Jannah? When you work so hard just trying to earn a living Your friends become so full of envy They smile in your presence They backbite in your absence They all wanna see you go down Twenty feet deep cikin rijiya A cikin mutane goma da kyar a samu daya wanda zai so ka da zuciya daya a nan duniya I'm packing my bags zan koma garin nasara I'm not born to quit cuz I'm a winner { So it's time to move on } [Say that again] CHORUS Time to let it go Time to let it go Time to let it go So it's time to move on (Repeat 2X) VERSE #2 I've got dreams, big dreams Girma take kaman Mt. Everest Putting my best to th

#EXCLUSIVE: Ricqy Ultra - Move On

Ricqy Ultra officially drops this exciting tune titled MOVE ON . This song is officially the latest single dropped straight out of the artist's independent label,QRY MUSIQ. Move On is a song that is totally different from the normal music Ricqy Ultra is usually know for. The song " move on " is so rich in lyrical content with the usual blend of Hausa and English Languages. The song is just a message that relates to what is happening among every individual. Ricqy Ultra is an artist that gathers his inspiration from what is happening in real life, obeying the law of hip-hop which states that "Hip-hop is not a religion. It is a culture and a way of life. Hip-hop is all about reality." Download/Listen to the song below Move On Download Visit Ricqy Ultra's Official Site Here