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MIXTER BASH (@mixter_bash) X RICQY ULTRA (@ricqyultra) - KARO DA KARO

AFTER DROPPING MIXTAPES EACH IN THE YEAR 2016, THESE EMCEES TEEM UP TO DROP SOMETHING UNUSUAL TITLED "KARO DA KARO". MIXTER BASH has been consistent in the Arewa hip-hop scene as his mixtape RED BLUE WHITE has been making wave with positive reviews dropped on the project. Karo Da Karo nonetheless, is a deep hip-hop track with a Grime infusion which makes it a typical hybrid song. RICQY ULTRA on the other hand is a thoroughbred who has his own unique way of blending into any song genre and his commanding tone in the hook of this grimy song,KARO DA KARo, is simply exceptional. He also released his mixtape titled SIMPLY ULTRALISTIC which is also gaining massive acceptance. KARO DA KARO is a proverbial phrase in Hausa word which means when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. In another direct translation, it could mean that only two rams can go head-to-head in a battle while a goat sits back and watch. What a unique proverb. Listen to the rich lyrical


ARAB MONEY is a new song that features BLY, NOMISS G, JR, NAJEEB AL HAUSAWY, UMAR SWAG BOY and ZOOL. ARAB MONEY is a dope hip-hop song that meets the expectations of a true hip-hop feel and the brilliance shown by Nomiis Gee on the hook is awesome. The fluent flow of Arabic and Hausa and English languages on this beat is not something one has to toy with. The emcees are all hot and they all want you to know that they got the ARAB MONEY. When you listen to them, you can tell from their voice and lyrical displays. These hiphop emcees are all based in Saudi Arabia with the exception of Nomiis Gee who is from Nigeria. A dope collaboration from two countries who are known to share similar cultural values and now, similar rap verses too. Download and listen. DOWNLOAD


After releasing his debut single titled LOVE IS BLIND , KING BOB LEE drops another groovy song titled DANCE MAKOSA. DANCE MAKOSA is a type of dance predominantly danced in most Central African Countries and King Bob Lee expresses his passion in this song when his bae demanded for him to Dance Makossa. Listen up to this song and don't be too shy too to dance Makossa for your loved one. The song was produced by SWITCHBEAT and mixed by NEXCEZZ BEATZ at Spotlite Studios. DOWNLOAD Connect with KING BOB LEE via Twitter: @bobleeking Facebook: Aliyu Bob Lee BBM: 2A299AB8 Whatsapp: 08069747964


HYSTARSIX is a typical underground breed in the rap game and he is dropping this fresh music which is a cover to the popular "panda" anthem titled ' MALAMI '. MALAMI which literally means a 'teacher' is a unique word that only relates to one who impacts knowledge to those that are lacking. You may wonder why HYSTARSIX is a MALAMI in this deep song. Download and listen up to this hardcore song coming straight up from this understudy. You will surely find it amazing to listen too. DOWNLOAD Before the release, Hystar dropped RUWAN SAMA which made some buzz as his debut single after featuring Dabo Daprof. This song is a stepping stone for the new rap act and it will surely upgrade his rap mentality and records too. CONNECT WITH HYSTARSIX via TWITTER: @hystar6 FACEBOOK: Hystar Six INSTAGRAM: @hystarsix Save Save Save